About Us


Be the brand that takes the lead in “Bringing Innovation to Beauty Creation”.

At one point or another, we have all encountered problems with our skin whether ourselves, our children, or someone close to us.  What has inspired me to create the Claudia Elaine Skincare line was my daughter suffering from Atopy since childhood and my own experience of having sensitive skin.  At the time, I tried prescribed medicated solutions for Atopy as it was the only solution I could find and it has been difficult to find products gentle and effective for my sensitive skin which becomes aggravated when traveling.  Since then, I thought it would be nice to have products that was gentle yet effective in moisturizing, helping to calm the skin and helping to maintain the look of healthy skin with all natural and pure ingredients.  

21st century where revolutionary ideas are created in all scientific fields, was a good opportunity and a great help in bringing the brand “Claudia Elaine” to life.  All Claudia Elaine skincare products have the best combination of advanced and innovative ingredients such as 3 growth factors (EGF, a FGF, and IGf-1), antioxidants, and amino acids.  Many customers talk about organic natural products.  There are many ingredients that come from nature but not all of them are beneficial.  Sometimes, some specific components even if organic and natural could irritate the skin.  Claudia Elaine skincare products only use premium innovative ingredients that are effective yet gentle to the beautiful skin.

The science has already reached the stage of dissecting the formation process of our skin, and living in a generation that is against the aging era, we are now stepping up the concept of cosmetics to make it possible to maintain the look of young and beautiful skin for as long as possible.  Claudia Elaine will not hesitate to become a starter for cosmetics brands made by premium skin science and “Bringing Innovation to Beauty Creation”.

Serena Choi

Chief Executive Officer